Fatturazione Elettronica su Quickbooks

Electronic Invoicing on Quickbooks©

We have created for our customers an integrated tool with Quickbooks for sending, receiving and storing electronic invoices in line with all applicable legal requirements.

Your interface will only be Quickbooks from where you can comfortably operate for all your accounting records, with the security of the correct transmission of data with the interchange system SDI of the Inland Revenue.

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Active right from the start

The link with the Inland Revenue’s Interchange System (IRS) is ready to be used. We’ll guide you through the initial settings and give you all the support and documentation you need to get up and running right away.

To leave, all you have to do is register for the service and enter the connection parameters with our infrastructure. For each customization I could make use of our support and our expertise on Quickbooks©.

Fatturazione elettronica su Quickbooks 1
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Security of your data

We strive to ensure that your data travels safely through all channels up to SDI.

For this reason, the data flow in our infrastructure is automated and constantly monitored to certify the communication of the electronic invoice and to track each operation.

For the connection with the Revenue Agency we use technical partners accredited and certified ISO 27001 that guarantee high levels of operation and safety.

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Active cycle management

Every time you register an active invoice on your Quickbooks© management system, it is ready to be sent to the SDI. You decide whether you prefer to send it manually or require our system to send all your invoices automatically.

For each invoice uploaded on Quickbooks© you will always know if it has been received by the Revenue Agency or easily solve any problems of sending.

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Passive cycle management

You can receive your invoices directly on your management system by communicating the associated recipient code to your suppliers. Our infrastructure will check incoming invoices and enter them into Quickbooks©.

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Storage of invoices

Electronic invoices must be stored digitally for at least 10 years in accordance with the Civil Code. The new standard also sets out a number of criteria to be met for digital preservation.

Every invoice that passes through our infrastructure will be kept according to these criteria for the entire duration of the service.

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Required Requirements

  • You already must be a customer and user administrator of your Quickbooks International version;
  • You should have already created and set the Taxes section with the VAT Agency;
  • We reserve the right not to offer the service for Quickbooks licenses with the VAT codes pre-set by other external companies.

Cost of service

User manuals will be provided for all customers who purchase the E-INVOICE service to help them understand the steps to issue and receive invoices with the SDI, check the error codes, and correctly manage customer and supplier records. Everything to simplify the use of the service. Invoicing storage is included in the monthly Fee service and has no additional costs.

Installation of IT infrastructure
390 € + VAT

Una Tantum

Monthly FEE
17,50 € + VAT

Maintenance & Customer Service
*Discount of over 10% for those who subscribe together both services TAX AGENCY + E-INVOICE for QB
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