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Financing Your Idea

We help small & medium enterprises, as well as No Profit organizations, to grow and develop tailored strategies in order to define and monitor objectives, results, budgets, fundraising and communication solutions.

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Financing Your Idea

Financed Planning

Those who have a good idea don’t always have the necessary funds to implement it. This is valid for both small-medium enterprises that want to start a new business and for NO-Profit organizations that want to undertake a new project.

Financed planning is therefore a very important lever of development in such cases.

Seeking non-repayable grants based on national, European and international calls for proposals, public (e.g. call for proposals from the European Commission, calls and notices from the PDCM or the Ministries, the Regions, etc.) or private (e.g. banking foundations, business foundations, other funding bodies, etc.), is the way in which it is possible to carry out innovative and pilot projects, experimenting new solutions, establishing new relationships through project partnerships and cooperation with other parties.

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What services do OverEagles offer?

  • Preliminary analysis of organizational and development needs
  • Support designing the concept
  • Customized scouting of notices, alerts, calls
  • Elaboration and drafting of project forms
  • European planning on direct and indirect funds
  • Research and building of project partnerships
  • Executive planning
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • Consulting for the management and reporting of funded projects
  • Advice on preliminary accreditation to access to contributions whenever required
  • Projects outsourcing, tenders and office management
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What can OverEagles do to help me raising funds for my project?

One-off advice on a specific call for proposals

Let’s see the case of a company or a non-profit organization that has identified a call for proposals it intends to take part in and needs technical advice for the planning and development of the project, the completion of forms, the submission of the application.

Preparation of application forms for internationalization - Simest

Support in studying the feasibility and sustainability of future investments abroad

Knowledge in the elaboration of specific application forms to apply for travel funding and allowances for internal staff, as well as travel, stays and compensation for external staff for the preparation of feasibility studies related to productive or commercial investments in non-EU countries.

Presentation of projects for internationalization with a Temporary Export Manager

Support to prepare the necessary requirements to apply for a fixed-rate subsidized financing for the expenses and professional services of TEM, for promotional and support activities closely related to the implementation of your company’s internationalization projects.

Develop the e-commerce of your company

Knowledge in the elaboration of specific application forms to request expenses’ financing for the creation/development/management of your IT platform, expenses for the management/operation of a market place (provided by third parties), promotional and training expenses.

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Periodical advice to seek funding on the basis of a client’s original project and subsequent planning activity of calls for tenders

This is the case of a company or non-profit organization that has an investment or management project, for which it needs complementary funding to enhance the overall sustainability of the initiative over time.

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Outsourced project office management

For example, it is the case of a company, or a non-profit organization, that decides to structure a planning function by entrusting it externally, but undertaking a continuous relationship, based on the analysis of needs, the identification over time of notices and notices of interest for the development plan that it intends to promote for itself or for its network.

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