Servizi dedicati per il Terzo Settore

Dedicated services for the Third Sector

This service area is designed to meet all the needs of those who want to establish and properly manage their own association, company and social enterprise in light of recent regulatory changes that have disrupted the discipline of the Third Sector (Legislative Decree no. 117/2017) with the creation of the Single National Register of the Third Sector (RUNT), which brings together the previous 300 registers in a single record.

These services and advice are also dedicated to the entire sports world, which has also recently been affected by the Government’s reform that will change the framework of sport associations. (Reform of the Coni 2.0 register and Law no. 205/2017).

OverEagles is able to create solutions for its customers, to train and assist all those that work in the non-profit sector, who might not have enough time, experience, or professional knowledge to address the issues related to the above.

Creare il tuo ETS e la tua associazione

Create your own ETS and your own association

We will guide you through the choice of the most appropriate legal form for the creation of your new company, or association, according to your needs, as well as through all the preliminary operations for the start of the business.

We help you, first of all, to analyze and evaluate your idea.

We also provide advice on the legal process for unrecognized associations and for entities that want to acquire legal personality, as well as all the requirements for the registration in the Single National Register and the acquisition of legal personality, including communication to the Prefecture or the competent regional office.

Consulenza legale

Legal Advice

The legal department of OverEagles has specific skills to support associations and organizations of the third sector in the correct drafting of the statute and deed of incorporation.

We examine the opportunities arising from the introduction of the new reform of the Third Sector, and help the customer with its relationship with the institutional organizations of reference, such as Coni and Siae.

We provide consultancy and contractual assistance to Associations and NO Profit Entities, Religious Entities and Sports Associations, as well as corporate consultancy, especially with regards to extraordinary transactions.

We provide Labour law experts at the service of non-profit organizations.

Consulenza amministrativa e fiscale

Administrative and TAX Consultancy

The regulation of non-profit organizations is complex and therefore operators in the sector need specialized advice, particularly in the fields of:
• ordinary and extraordinary administration;
• tax and accounting obligations;
• obligations related to employment law.

We can assist you in all the phases of the life of an association and / or NO-Profit organization: from the incorporation to the management of the day-to-day administrative activities and the drafting of the social report.

Our accounting specialists in the field of preferential tax regimes, which non-profit organizations are subject to, and the know-how they acquired over time allow us to offer advice with a broad and proactive approach.

Controllo di gestione del tuo ets e la tua associazione

Management control of your ETS and association

For non-profit organizations, it is becoming increasingly important to have control bodies and tools for reporting, transparency and information to shareholders and third parties.

We offer solutions to implement internal management control, such as:
• Staff training;
• Analysis of the accounting information system and its compatibility with the management control;
• Setting up of management control functions and related internal procedures (including the use of management softwares).

We support you in the drafting of the budget and we support you in the research and management of the funded planning.

Data analysis e business intelligence

Data analysis e business intelligence

The Database Management for the Third Sector is a service designed to improve all aspects of people’s data management within your organization.

We offer solutions and consulting for the implementation of CRM databases designed for non-profit organizations. These tools are designed to manage large numbers of master data, segment data in detail, integrate information from the entire fundraising process, create synergies and interactions between philanthropists and projects themselves. A unique environment where information can be conveyed in order to save working hours that can be used to achieve a better focus towards your mission.

Progettazione finanziata

Financed Planning

Those who have a good idea don’t always have the necessary funds to implement it. This is particularly true for non-profit organizations that want to undertake a project.

That’s why it is very useful to get in touch with professionals in the field of funded planning.

We offer several specific services to help you develop and find sources of funding for your projects, such as:

• Support designing the ideas;
• Customized scouting of notices, alerts, calls;
• Elaboration and drafting of project forms;
• European planning on direct and indirect funds;
• Research and building of project partnerships;
• Executive planning;
• Project monitoring and evaluation;
• Consulting for the management and reporting of funded projects;
• Advice on preliminary accreditation to access to contributions whenever required.