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Business Plan

“There is no favorable wind for those who don’t know where to go” Seneca

Imagine to have an idea, but not the technical and economic tools to finance it and assess its potential return. If this is the case, you definitely need a business plan!

It is a fundamental tool for whoever wants to start and manage a company in the best possible way. It allows to define medium/long-term objectives and apply for funding.

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Why a Business Plan

The business plan is a versatile document. Companies develop it with multiple purposes.  It is instrumental in assessing strengths and weaknesses of a business project. However, don’t consider it a constant fixed instrument, it’s a dynamic document that changes over time following the evolution of the company itself.

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What are the characteristics of a business plan?

A well-made business plan allows you to estimate the feasibility of a business idea and predict its success. This is particularly useful when you need to apply for funding from external bodies and organizations. In addition, with a business plan you will be able to analyze the resources you will need to set up your idea and the best strategies to turn it into a successful one!

Business plans can vary depending on the type of company. There can be plans for start-ups that are still trying to find the best formula, as well as business plans for established companies, possibly looking for new investors and funds.

Business plans are funnel-shaped structures where, starting from a broad and general overview, it is possible to deal with increasingly specific topics. These can include the description of the individual products and services offered, and the definition of the reference target at local, national and/or international level. A detailed overview of the company’s organization and a summary of the roles are also provided, eventually with a clarification of the economic aspect and the funds needed to implement the project.

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How do I build a business plan?

OverEagles supports entrepreneurs willing to start a company or to improve its organizational management, therefore having a strong need for a detailed business plan.

We will specifically assist you with:
  • Analysis of the business idea
  • Financial-economic valuation and market forecasts
  • Assessment of the project’s feasibility and drafting of a complete business plan
  • Business management and fund raising
  • Presentation of choices and results


Do you want to know more? Contact us, we will be ready to clarify all your doubts and help you with your business idea!

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