Chi siamo Vision


OverEagles S.r.l. is a consulting company created to best develop the work experiences acquired, to provide suitable tools and new working methods, with a specific approach on change management.

The network of professionals working with OverEagles S.r.l. is highly keen on challenges, with people driven by energy, talent and initiative. We want to offer new solutions, challenging traditional working methods to create the conditions to inspire and build up tailored projects for our clients.

Chi siamo Vision
Chi siamo La nostra filosofia

Values and Objectives

Challenges are opportunities for us.

We want to accompany you through a continuous process of research to offer you a new approach and a new working method. Our goals are to help you to explore new opportunities, manage change and achieve success.

Our structure has the flexibility and readiness to adapt to new market needs, providing customized solutions to any need.

Organization, problem solving, professionalism and training of our staff and external advisors are the fundamental cornerstones of our company.